Friday, 29 August 2014

How to fully magnetize a Taurox Prime

Today I'm showing you how to fully magnetize a Taurox Prime. Some may ask if it is really worth doing it, I think it is.

When playing a Scions army the Taurox is your main workhorse, and anti tank unit. You can even stay back with it and outshoot Tau, because the Taurox Prime fitted with missile launcher and autocannons has a range of 48" (I'm not saying that's a very clever tactic, but you can do it). On the other hand the Gatling cannon + Hotshot volley gun is a great infantry killer. You can also mix anti tank and anti vehicle weapons to be able to take on everything. I enjoy giving my anti infantry Taurox a Hunter Killer missile, so it can shoot stuff in the first round, before something gets in range of the 24" weapons.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Stormclaw - Killa Cans - 2 models done

When I first heard of the Stormclaw set, I was really looking forward to it and its content. It didn't let me down, on the choice of models for the orks. I've always liked the Killa can models, but never came around to buy a set.

I've got enough models to paint at the moment, focusing on my Scions. But I just had to paint a few of the Cans, because the models are awesome. When painting them up, I also wanted to create some nice looking bases which add to the story of the model.

I think about making a "How to.." post of how to create those bases when I get to the third can.

My orks are Blood Axes, and my paint scheme tries to reflect that as well, so all models got red parts, some more .. some less. Enjoy the pics and leave a comment if you are in the mood :)

The Can with the Bazooka is magnatized, but the other big shoota arm hasn't been finished yet.