Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Imperial Guard or does my uniform match my tank ?

 I've traded in most of my DV Dark Angels for more cadian shock troops. Since I can't stand to see any more orks, I've started to paint them They currently look like this, they are supposed to be a standard infantry squad. (Weathering and high lighting is still on the to do list).

I've got a modified Chimera I build a few months ago, but I just don't know in which colour(s) to paint it.

Since my Imp's clothes got inspired by the american chocolate chip camo, their desert yellow for tanks would match best imo. But a complete tank in baneblade brown ?

Of course the standard green always fits, even with my soldiers since their flak armour is kept in green.
A mix of baneblade brown and green could also look good, but I'm not sure about that kind of camo.

Here are some sample picture off google, they ain't mine, but I like them and wonder if I should paint my tanks in a paint scheme inspired by one of them. (If they are yours and you want to be mentioned, please tell me)

1. Modern woodland camo - although it wouldn't really fit my uniforms

Standard catachan green - fits my uniforms, but might be a bit "unvaried". Pic by

Desert camo - Would fit very well, but it has the same drawbacks as the other single colour scheme, that it might look a bit boring when there are several tanks in the same colour on the board.

 Dark Grey - I don't why, but I really like this colour for tanks ... but it doesn't fit my uniforms at all.

Catachan camo - nice mix of the colour I need and every tank would look different.

A bit like the Catachan, but not as clean ... more like a woodland camo, but would that match the uniforms ?

Desert scheme with dark grey - it looks good imo.

What do you think ? What's your opinion ?

Ork bommber project:
Well, my ork bommer project is currently on hold. I'm done with the second wing and already attached it. The whole model still needs detail highlighting, battle damage, weathering and so on.

Here are some recent pictures of it:

6th Edition rules 
Heavy Vehicles can't ram !

Just noticed that you have to be at cruising speed to make a "ram" attack with a tank. But heavy vehicles: Leman Russ and Monolith can't move faster than combat speed =) That means that 2 out of the 4 AV14 front vehicles can only tank shock infantry...


  1. The one with the 3 chocochip guys infront is mine but I have now redone the canvas in the same cam pattern so it looks better (less boring lol) now.

    The pictures are here:

  2. Thanks for commenting elmo =) I really like what you did to the canvas. The now primed Chimera had benn painted like yours before. But I kinda like bright colours, I've redone it now in tan ... and I'm not happy with it at all. I think about redoing it in dark green like yours again, just fits best. And those canvas in the same camo pattern is a great idea!

  3. I think the green works best with everything plus if you look into GW1 where the chocochip was used then alot of the time the vehicles did not get repainted quickly and many where still green.

    It is the litle bits (like the bags etc) which will blend the army together.

    I have seen many attempt tan/desert pattern vehicles and you have to be really good to pull it off ;)