Paint History - early beginnings - my ork army

Here I present my Blood Axes ork army to you: (Some pieces are still wip)

For more pics, check out my flickr photostream on the top right.

Ghazghkull Thraka

SquigAir Ork Bommer/Blitza Bommer

10 Nobs, including Doc

Another Warboss and Snikrot:

Ork Kommandoz, my fav unit

Da Boyz ... I seriously need to paint more of them

Ork Trukk - HUMVEE
at least 2 more Humvees are planed, as well as a LR Defender and Wrangler version.
Something I just nocticed, the Flakk gun from forge world fits perfectly on the back :)

Ork looted tank

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