Friday, 13 February 2015

Valkyrie - Storm Scion Transport done

This is the first Valkyrie I've ever build and painted. It's for my Storm Scions in desert camo. I wanted to remain close to a Forge World drawing of a desert Valkyrie, so I ordered those extra fuel tanks for them too. The interior is completely painted, the heavy bolter gunners are magnatized, as well as the Multilaser/Lascannon. The fuel tanks and missile launchers are magnatized. I've installed the fuel tanks further back because it looks better and in case I take the heavy bolters, I can still open the doors and have a line of sight and it makes it look more realistic imo. I've really enjoyed painting this model, many details and ways to make it look cool :) The base ain't done yet, waiting for some inspiration I guess.

I've been wanting to do a noseart for ages and finally I've been given a chance with this model. The valk still needs a name though, perhaps you got some ideas ? The freehand noseart was inspired by graphics from

Monday, 2 February 2015

Wheeled Taurox upgrade kit by Victoria Miniatures

When the first the leaked images of the Taurox Prime found their way on the common sites, I liked most of overall Taurox design, the similarities to modern MRAPs like the Cougar and the roof of a Humvee. But the tracks ... those tiny ones on the front did not look very appealing or helping the model imo. I build the model as it was but kept browsing the internet for good conversion kits, a 6-wheeled variant popped up on spikeybits which looked like an improvement, but not enough to buy it. But then I stumbled over Victoria Miniatures, who seemed to have the perfect solution: