Monday, 29 September 2014

Small scale tournament with Militarum Tempestus

We had a small tournament at our local GW store a week ago. Nothing fancy, 500 points, FOC = ally formation (1hq, 1 elite, 2 troops, 1 fast, 1 heavy) with tactical mission cards on a 4x4 board.

Victory condition: score the most points, if you table someone, you get +5 points on top of the points you already scored during that mission. 4 games, and maelstrom of war missions 1-4.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Project - Valkyrie - Storm Scions Transport

Another week, a new project. This time it is about air support for my Scions. Or rather a new stylish transport with great support weapons.

When I started with 40k (sharing a Blackreach box with a good friend .. he got the orks), I've always eyed at the Imperial Guard section and the Valkyrie. I think it's design is peferct, as bulky as a Mi-Hind 24, WWII plane back fins, narrow cockpit like Apacha/Tiger helicopter, but bigger wings and hover thrusters. You can really imagine it flying around at your local airbase / airport. hmm .. like here :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

DIY adhesive stickers - an alternative approach to decals

I've never been a fan of decals. Some may experience difficulties with applying them to models and to get them into place, without ripping them apart. My problem with them has been, they've always looked  too shiny, or too much like stickers applied to the model. I'm aware of the multitude of hobby supplies concerning this issue like Tamiya decal softener etc.

But my second problem with decals is, often they are not the size, symbol, letter or number I need/want. That's when I had the idea of making a stencil of the whatever I need. So I went and bought some a4 adhesive sticker paper for my ink printer. "Designed" the sheet I wanted: