Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ork Projekt: bommer 88

My first ork bommer is doing so well in every game I've had so far. I just had to get more of them. It's not only about it's superb performance on the battlefield, tbh, I just dig the model! That WWII style ... is just awesome and fits very well.

My second bommer has already been "kuztamizd" and goes along the lines of the Ju-88

So far, the engine has been covered and a chin, nose and aft turret has been installed:

The nose turret is nearly complete, a few tiny plastcard bits and it's done. The forge world gretchin with the vox caster just fits perfectly into the front. So, in the next couple of days I'm gonna complete the cockpit and turrets.

I'm done with shortening the engines of the Valkyrie and glueing them under the wings  ... I'm not totally convinced by them though. Hmm, I'll find out soon enough. I might put the rotor of a black reach deffkopta on the val engines ... but then the big shootas won't fit anymore

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