Thursday, 15 September 2016

Raven Guard - Sniper Scouts in desert camo

I don't know why, but I've always been a fan of space marine scouts. Power armour is ok (when you don't have to paint a big batch of them) ... but scout armour gives the painter more possibilies imo. I also collect and paint Imperial guard, the main reason for that is, that I love to put bags, extra weapons, rucksacks, bottles and whatever on the vehicles and infantry models. This works quite well with sm scouts as well and their vehicles (LS storm), and also to some extend with power armour.

But, less words ... more pictures. I also changed the heads on the scouts and "sculped" hoods for them made of greenstuff. I also modeled an arm for the scout seargent, and gave him a modified sniper rifle, it is supposed to be the special Raven Guard relic "Nihilus". But he's gonna be a standard seargent in the future, because I've bought Sgt. Telion and the "Negotiator rifle" from Anvil industries, and those 2 together will be my new vet. sgt. with the Nihilus.

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