Thursday, 21 February 2013

Death from the Skies - What are the changes ?

Death from the Skies has finally hit the shelves ... well rather the online shelves in this case.

There has been quite a discussion about this book, and how useful it is. But let's take a look at the changes it brought.

Storm Talon - Base points dropped to 110
The strange hover strike rule is completly gone, it always has the strafing run rule now. Type: Flyer/Hover.

I don't know why but I really like the Storm Talon, But I still do not understand the reason for giving it only 2 HP, that's one of the major drawbacks.

SM StormRaven 200
Comes with 4 Stormstrike missile s8 ap2 concussive.

Well, I don't really like giving the space marines such a powerful vessle... it comes in far too handy for them. (talking from an xenos perspective). It is such a killer with that armament for only 200 points!. You can easily have 3 Storm Ravens and 3 Storm Talons for under 1000 points now ... they are all hover vehicles,

The show case section is horrible. I think we've seen every picture before either on the web or WD.

Is the book worth it ? No way, and I'm glad that I haven't bought it, a friend of mine did and I have had a look. But there was nothing new, that I didn't know before from the updated Ipad Space Marine codex ...


Storm Talon's weapon points changed to the following:
 Skyhammer  15
Twin linked Laser 30
Tornado Launcher 35

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