Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ork battle truck and dealing with loose ends

I've long been looking forward to start this project on my Ork Battle Truck. It's basically an ork battle wagon, but I never liked the standard front. Even orks would prefere a big engine and lots of steel between them and the target they ram. That's why I got started on my ork battle truck. This is how its current status, far from complete ... but you get an idea.

It's a bit longer now and it received front fenders. Because of the fenders, the front now has the same width has the back. In games this vehicle will always be treated as having a deathrolla to compensate for the increased overall length and it fits with the style =)

It's not receiving the chain drive, rather 6 wheels in total. The fenders front and rear are receiving a body kit to look bulkier. The ork trukk boarding planks are getting installed on where the open doors are.

Dealing with loose ends ...

... there are units or models, or specific tasks we shun to do or finish.  In this hobby I've been neglected the bases of my orks, and vehicle upgrades for my trukk, or the finishing my ork bommer.

I've finally dealed with all of them. All 52 bases are done. And here are a few pics of 3:

My warboss in Mega Armour: Alpha Dawg - Leada of tha pakk

My weirdboy and Zog, named: Da big bad Voodoo - And yes the ork glyphs in his cloak make sense ;) From top to bottom, starting on the left.

Snikrot - Haven't come up with a good name for him yet ...

Ork Bommer:
Finally weathered and washed.

I only need to finish the base now, but can't decide on a crashed Land Speeder Storm or this wounded Marine with Grotz taking care of him.

Ork Trukk:

Finally done with painting and installing the wrecking ball. And painting and magnetizing the boarding plank.

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