Monday, 29 September 2014

Small scale tournament with Militarum Tempestus

We had a small tournament at our local GW store a week ago. Nothing fancy, 500 points, FOC = ally formation (1hq, 1 elite, 2 troops, 1 fast, 1 heavy) with tactical mission cards on a 4x4 board.

Victory condition: score the most points, if you table someone, you get +5 points on top of the points you already scored during that mission. 4 games, and maelstrom of war missions 1-4.

My Militarum Tempestus list consisted of models I had already assembled and/or painted, so I ended up with:

Scions Command Squad:
3 Plasma guns
+ Taurox Prime with Gatling and Hot Shot volley gun

5 Scions
 + 2 Hot Shot volley guns
 + Taurox Prime with Taurox missile launcher + autocannon

5 Scions
 + 2 Melta

I was really looking forward to trying out my Scions vs different opponents and army styles. Since I've mostly just played vs friends who's army I tend to know.

First game vs tyranids
My first game was vs a very friendly Tyranid player. His army consisted of a Tervigon, 2x15 Hormagaunts, 3 Ravener and a Venomthrope. It was a quite a huge force I had to deal with. But I had trust in my Gatling Taurox, 14 S4 shots is nothing to sneeze at imo.

I deployed the volley gun squad in a ruin on the left together with the Scions Command squad in the Gatling Taurox. The Missile Taurox on the right side of the table. And the Melta Squad was set to deep strike.

In the first two rounds I killed the Venomthrope with a missile and killed 2 of the 3 Raveners with the Gatling Taurox. But all of the Tyranids moved on my right side. And I had another problem, I've only drawn tactical objects I could not achieve like, kill a unit in melee ..., issue a challenge and stuff like that. I've already had some luck, his Tervigon was only able to spawn 12 Termagants in the first round with 3 x 4s ...

I didn't look good for me, got swarmed by the alien brood, I had no choice but to kill his HQ, the only chance to get rid of the fearless aliens. So I drove up to the Tyranid flood and disembarked my command squad, issued the prefered enemy order and shot at the Tervigon. It got a 5+ cover save and had the Warlord trait which granted it feel no pain when it suffered it wound (which was caused by the missile Taurox). My bold command squad brought it down to 1 hp. And I had only my volley gun squad left to shoot. They finished it, and most of the aliens turned around and ran.

My missile Taurox had already moved around the centre ruin and was in the Tyranid deployment zone, my Command Taurox which survived the Ravener's attacks with 1 hp rushed into the Tyranid deployment zone as well to score 3 points. My Melta team shocked on another objective and scored.

My volley gun team got charged by 12 Hormagaunts in their ruin, killed 4 in overwatch, and slaughtered  another 4 in close combat and only suffered 2 casualties in return. In the next round, my Scions won combat and destroyed the rest of the Hormagaunts.

End score 10:7 for me.

Second game vs Imperial Fists
When I looked at his list, I knew there was not much he could do against me, I had the perfect anti-army.
He had no HQ, the Sternguard Sergeant was his Warlord which came down in a drop pod with 2 grav weapons. There was a second Sternguard squad in drop pod with 2 grav guns and two 5-Men Tactical squads.

It was Maelstrom mission 2, where you only get to draw tactical cards when you hold objectives. So I deployed one Taurox in the open and the other in the ruin next to an objective. The Melta Squad deep striked again. His drop pod came down next to my Missile Taurox and scored one glancing hit on it. The Volley gun in the missile Taurox disembarked and killed the whole Sternguard squad, the missile Taurox destroyed the Drop Pod. The same happened to his second drop pod with my other Taurox and command squad.

Final score 15:3

Third game vs Tau (and a good friend of me)
He had Tau buff commander with that barrage, ignore cover, weapon.  3 crisis with 2 plasma and 1 flamer each. + 12 Firewarriors and 1 broadside with that s8 ap1 laser thing.

There was a big, line of sight blocking piece of terrain in the middle. To sum it up, we circled around that building, each one of us fearing the fire power of the other. He deployed is fire warriors a tad to far in his deployment zone, so they weren't able to keep pace with the crisis squad and died to my Taurox Gatling gun. My Melta team shocked next to his Broadside, which was hiding in a ruin and killed it, my two Taurox moved in, disembarked all units and killed all Crisis suits. I scored 8 points in one round. The game ended with his Commander hiding in a ruind on my deployment half, and all of my units in his deployment zone.

Final score 16:6

Last game vs Black Templars (another Friend of me)
His army consisted of 5 Assault troopers, 8 Tacticals with missile launcher. Captain with 2 lightning claws in a Laser Razorback with 5 Sword brothers all with ccws. There were no ruins on the table, just a few hills and pipe lines. He stunned my Missile Taurox with his Razorback, my volley gun team failed 3 rounds of shooting at the Assault marines and didn't kill a single one. On the other side my command team killed most of the Sword brothers, the deep striked Melta squad blew up the Razorback and instakilled the Captain in the next round. My volley gun squad finally killed the 5 Assault marines in overwatch ... after they've blown up my Missile Taurox with a Meltabomb. The 8 tacticals got wittled down by the Gatling Taurox.

Finals score 16:8

I won with the highest point score, the Tyranid placed second, and a Tau player placed third. It was a really fun day, loads of fun and great people ! I had never thought that I would score anything in this tournament.

I had to use some of my IG Veterans as Scions (not been able to finish all of them in time), and my custom made Marbo as Sergeant for them.

Tactical corner:

The volley guns were awesome ! so many shots, ignoring most armour, even killing a Tervigon, and holding Hormagaunts away from my side. Didn't expect that, I actually wanted to take grenade launchers, but swapped them for volley guns before I went to the GW store.

MVP: Both Taurox, they both made an awesome job, I couldn't have done it without them. Dealing so much damage, taking objectives with a 24" move, protecting my troops. But the Melta team was great too, dealing with every threat or deep striking them on objectives. The command squad's performance with the 3 plasma guns and prefered enemy most of time killed it's fair share of enemies as well.

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