Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Project - Valkyrie - Storm Scions Transport

Another week, a new project. This time it is about air support for my Scions. Or rather a new stylish transport with great support weapons.

When I started with 40k (sharing a Blackreach box with a good friend .. he got the orks), I've always eyed at the Imperial Guard section and the Valkyrie. I think it's design is peferct, as bulky as a Mi-Hind 24, WWII plane back fins, narrow cockpit like Apacha/Tiger helicopter, but bigger wings and hover thrusters. You can really imagine it flying around at your local airbase / airport. hmm .. like here :)

 (Pictures were downloaded from google direct links, I'm sorry that I can't mention any of the great artist, who's work inspires me, but if you do stumble across my small blog and see your pictures, just leave me a line and add your name to the picture.)

Let's start with my plan for project Valkyrie.
It's paint scheme and colour should match that of my Taurox, sand colour outside with red Highlights and a completely painted interior. Dark Grey base colour for the interior as for my Command Squad Taurox Prime.

The picture that inspired me the most is the following. I'm gonna do the landing gear,  light grey underpart, warning signs on the wing mounted thrusters like on the pic. Forge World wing mounted Fuel tanks have already been ordered.

Another few pictures which inspired me:

I'm thinking about giving it some kind of nose art, but not sure yet. Something along these lines:

I've already started painting this great model. The interior got loads of awesome details and tiny bitz which just cry out to be painted. I installed 1mm magnets in the sides of the ramp and the side of the passenger compartment, which hold the ramp in place during a game, but can easily be opened if you want to (We normally remove the flying base while a plane is in hover mode, so the ramp can have a real use ! :)  )

Here are a few pictures of the current state:

Forge World delivery arrived today with the fuel tanks !

And something else :)

Yeap, a House Terryn Imperial Knight is the next project after the Valkyrie. My Scions need that heavy armour and heavy weapon support !

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  1. That interior is fantastic. Can't even imagine how nice the finished model is going to look based just on that!