Saturday, 12 January 2013

Flyers and their stats - big surprise

I had a chat with a gw employee the other day about the DA flyers, and the Nephilim's impossibility to fulfill his role as an "interceptor to establish air superiority over the battlefield" (gw's description of him) Let me put that into context, we have far too many GK players around with their Storm Ravens or as gw call's it "flying land raiders".

He told me that he favours the Storm Talon over the DA jets. I mentioned that one of the good things about the Nephilim is, that it has 3 hull points, and the storm talon only has 2. He didn't know that, and then carried on that the other "weak" armoured fighters like Ork bommers and Dark eldar jets only got 2 hp as well. I was kind of thinking the same about the ork bommer, no idea why though.

We then checked the rulebook and were quite surprised, all flyers except the storm talon have 3 hp. <-- Big surprise there, at least for me ..

Dark Eldar Void Bomber:
I'm always tempted to buy, paint and field dark eldars. So the rumour about a flyer wave in February/March and the release of the Void Bomber made me all excited.
I checked my DE codex again for points/equipment.
Hmm, it's quite expensive (145 points base, same as Razorwing) but you need to buy every single missile on top, and they start with 10p/missile... ouch.

Yes, it has improved armour over the Razorwing, and it's lances are a tad better + the void bomb. I still don't find it very appealing in that fog slot and points wise. The Razorwing is a solid multi purpose fighter, I'd always upgrade it to a slinter cannon and it can take on anything. It's in the same price range as the Storm Talon with upgraded main weapon.

Dark Angels flyers:
My thoughts on the Dark Talon, ok pricing, nice gadgets, and a hurricane bolter system which paired with a salvo 2/4 banner can prove lethal. I like it =)

180 points for that ? What do you get:
* Missile lock ability - which does not make any sense at all
* Strafing run - uhm, air-superiority fighter with improved ground targeting ? why not ... I don't mind that
*Gadget ability - Useful in 1 out of 6 hits.

I don't really know why someone should ever field one, it's even gonna have trouble taking on a Rhino. A Heldrake is cheaper and Storm Ravens cost only 20/25p more

I prefere the Nephilim over the Dark Talon model wise, it has a sleeker more jet-like design, the talon is too much of a flying "stone" for me.

New flyer wave:
I'm very excited about those models, I care less about their stats, but I hope they are better priced than the Nephilim.


  1. Not surprised the Storm Talon has only 2 HP. The thing is butt ugly.

    1. agreed ;) and tbh the storm raven's design ain't any better...