Sunday, 13 January 2013

Read the FAQ! and blog roll

In the most recent rule book faq, there are some quite interesting changes:
"Look out sir" can now only be used against wounds - not unsaved wounds anymore.
 And, that wound has to be allocated to the closest model now.

Jump Jet's in assault phase - If used in the assault phase, the charge distance can be rerolled, but if charging into or out of difficult terrain Dangerous Terrain checks have to be made.

Scout/infiltrator move
- 1. turn assault is possible now. e.g. I infiltrated ork kommandoz and my opponent starts with the first turn of the game, I can then charge him with my kommandoz when it's my first turn.

Autohits can be snapfired - e.g. those ork psychic powers that hit always hit can be snapfired.

I'm sure there are quite more in interesting changes in the different codex faq'sm have you got any you find very outstanding or horrible ?

Concerning the Ork faq. I'm bit disappointed, since they changed the "fleet" rule, every unit the in the codex can benefit from the "waaaaaaggh" rule now, but they haven't given it back to stormboyz, dreads, bikes and jetbikes yet.

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