Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ork Bommer Project 88 progress

I've finally found time to finish all the turrets and cockpits. Here's just a quick update with some pictures. The hull without wings looks a bit strange, that's why I've put them on for the pictures. There's still so much do to on the hull, before i can move to wings and engines.

Next steps are:
Finishing the hull, tail wings, details
Modding the engines and installing landing gear on them.
Choosing between the Stompa rokkits and bombz or the ork bommer ones .. not sure yet.

I've already got an idea for an eye catcher ... but I want to be done with the plane first =)


  1. I like it A Lot. Nice work with green stuff.

  2. thanks mate =) but still a lot to do ... not like painting 30 gk ... but ;)

  3. Now that is really good. I have never done vehicles before. You have just inspired me.

    1. cheers Night Runner, happy to hear that :)